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Turning 65??? What do I do Now???

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Research Medicare before your 65th birthday

First, go to and book an appointment for Medicare 101. I will walk you thru the process that will make "some" sense. The more you do your homework, the easier it will be to make an intelligent decision for your future needs.

Second, go to and sign up for Medicare.

Medicare Enrolment is 3 months before your birthday, birthday month, and 3 months after your birthdate. If you missed your initial enrollment period because you were busy or couldn’t make up your mind, you probably will have to pay a late-enrollment penalty. However, if you delayed enrolling in Medicare because you were covered by an employer, you could qualify for a special enrollment period (SEP). Do you really want to take a chance of not having coverage? If you have a catastrophic event, you could end of with medical bills that will bankrupt you!!! One of the biggest mistakes people make is Missing their Initial Enrollment Period (IEP)

Research Medicare with a Medicare consultant

Third, once you receive your card, call me and we will find the right plan for you. Don't ask friends or relatives because they don't know what to do either. Don't ask your doctor as they may give you bad advice. Seek out a licensed Medicare consultant, like me, or any other licensed agent, but do it now, don't wait as it can cost you penalties and costly medical bills if something happens and you are not covered.

Understand, Medicare is not free. You have to sign up for parts A & B and will need extra coverage for hospital and medical treatment, along with your prescription drugs, of which you will be taking at some point as you get older. Also, what about Dental, Vision, and Hearing? All of these options can be part of your plan depending on your needs.

Tab-One Medicare in Placitas & Albuquerque, NM

Why Tab-One Medicare? It does not cost you a dime for me to guide you through this process. In addition, you will have my services for the whole year or lifetime!!! So, any questions, concerns, issues, or clarification, just call me. Or you can sign-up on the phone with the 800 numbers in the TV ads, but good luck with getting help down the road.

I signed-up for Medicare in 2021 and found it to be very confusing. So, I decided to get my license and help people like you get the information and make it the right decision for your needs. Everyone is different, and your plan will be different than anyone else.

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